The No Treasure Treasure Hunt

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Jan 14th, 2010

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A big treasure hunt is about to begin! Who will win it: Cynthia and Louise, or Alfred and Winston?


Louise takes pictures of Cynthia as she poses along the scenery. She is sure that she will be winning the treasure hunt and stops to listen as Mr. Thomas explains that Camille and Milo have already hid the clues for both sets. With that the Race begins, with Cynthia and Louise quickly take off. Camille and Milo comment on how slow Alfred and Winston start, causing them to wonder if Alfred actually knows how a race works.

Cynthia approaches a sign pointing in the right direction to the treasure. She decides to flip the sign in hopes of throwing Alfred off track and they reach a voice recorded message someone left on the bridge. After she hears the message, Cynthia drops the recording from the bridge and continues on her way as Louise continues to take pictures.

Alfred and Winston reach a lake and they realize the next clue isn't there. They decide to turn around - just to realize they are now lost.

After locating the third clue, Cynthia shreds the paper into a million tiny pieces and crushes it beyond repair. She rushes past the last section, then stops to take thirty paces to the treasure; but when she finds nothing she angrily returns to Camille and Milo, along with a confused Alfred and Winston. A demanding Cynthia confronts him and tells him that the treasure is missing and insists that he figures out where it went. Alfred reveals they got lost before asking Camille if she messed up; which angers her severely.

Cynthia leads them to the location of where the treasure supposedly is, and shows everyone how nothing was there. Alfred asks when the Principal hid it, and Camille and Milo argue that it was between 7:00 am and 7:30 am. They call it a clue before looking around in an attempt to locate something else. Louise manages to find a dirty old hat and Cynthia assumes whoever it belongs to probably stole the treasure. Milo tries it on and Alfred is able to determine that it belongs to Mr. Russard, so Cynthia rushes to his place to confront him about it. The others rush to try to stop her from doing this, and just as Cynthia reaches the door, Alfred yanks the hat away from her.

Mr. Russard opens the door just then and with delight takes his hat. He explains that he lost it last spring, causing Alfred to smirk and points out that it was covered in mildew - which he did try to tell her about.

Outside of Hedgequarters, the group cannot determine any other clues and Alfred decides that the fact they can't get a second clue is probably a clue in itself.

Louise resumes taking pictures of Cynthia, but gets yelled at for a bad angle. Alfred asks her if she took pictures during the entire race and Louise confirms that she did, so they upload them onto his laptop to spot anything suspicious in them. Everyone grows steadily frustration as they realize Cynthia was cheating the entire competition. She tries to ignore this and Alfred pins up a few pictures of the flowers fields before noticing something strange after Camille points out that the sunflower shadows seem to be facing alternate directions.

They go over the clues really quick and rush back to the Sunflower Field, where Alfred points out that the direction of the flowers is different than when Mr. Thomas planted the treasure chest. As young flowers, the sunflowers will turn to follow the sunlight. In order to figure out where the treasure really is, they need the flowers to match the appropriate photo.

Patiently everyone waits and Camille manages to locate the treasure. Since Cynthia cheated they decide the treasure rightfully belongs to Winston and Alfred. Angry, Cynthia yells at Camille before dragging away Louise. The trio open the wrapped up gift, to reveal a book on Sunflowers. Seeing this, everyone bursts into laughter. 


  • Cynthia: "Blow the whistle already.... I SAID BLOW THE WHISTLE!"



  • This is the first episode to have one of Cynthia's cousins speak by herself.
  • There is a photograph of Camille yelling at Alfred, but the reason for it is unknown.
    • It may be possible this was the result of him wondering if she messed the race up
  • Alfred shows that he is agile in this episode.


  • Louise's pose as Alfred is going through the photographs is a bit off.
  • When Cynthia claims there isn't any treasure once they arrive back to the location, her legs are colored to match her skin, not the leggings she wears.
  • When the group rides on Winston the second time, Cynthia's beak is miscoloured.
    • When Louise first road on Winston her beak was also miscoloured
  • As Louise takes the picture and Cynthia growls out of anger, her lips were shown closed. As Louise takes the picture right during the sound her mouth should have been open.
  • As Milo remarks how strange this whole thing is, the sunflowers on the side of the screen are glowing.
  • Notice the marking along Cynthia's neck as she tells Camille and Milo that there isn't any treasure, the very bottom of it keeps changing colors from being shaded to unshaded. But if that was to happen then more of it should have changed to unshaded coloring as well.
  • A small string is on Louise's camera, but when she hands it to Alfred there is no visible string.
  • Why did all five of them ride on Wintson near the end of the episode when only three of them could ride on him earlier?