What happened to Mrs. Hedgehog's flowers?

"The Great Flower Mystery" is episode 2 of episode 8. It has first aired on Jan 27th, 2010.


Something, or someone, ruins Mrs. Hedgehog's flowers. Can they determine who or what caused them to turn purple and still manage to win first place?


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Alfred comes into the kitchen to see his mum hanging a paper onto the refrigerator and asks what it is. Only for Ms. Hedgehog to explain that it is the prize for winning first place in the upcoming flower competition. Suddenly somebody knocks at the door, revealing Mrs. Payne along with Cynthia. She tries to subtly suggest the two woman should go ahead and exchange gardening tips, in a ploy to see Mrs. Hedgehog's flowers. Unfortunately, they both chose to grow Hydrangeas.

Mrs. Hedgehog seems to get the idea and slams the door on them instead. Upset, Cynthia almost has a fit until corrected by her mother when they begin to walk away, and pass by Camille and Milo. As they arrive, Mrs. Hedgehog suddenly exclaims out of shock and they rush to the backyard to see light purple hydrangeas instead of blue! Mrs. Hedgehog is very upset and Camille mentions someone may have sabotaged them on purpose in order to win the contest.

They begin to search for clues, when Milo suddenly comes by one, a foot print. The group make a mold of it by mixing water and soil together, and while waiting for it to dry, they go to look for another clue. Milo gasps out of surprise when he notices someone digging in the dirt, it is then Minnie pops out and mentions how yucky the soil taste. Which Alfred then decides must be the second clue.

Going to the Hedgequarters, they begin to go over suspects, but Alfred points out it is way too early for that. Camille still believes it may be Mrs. Payne, but Alfred refuses to point figures without any proof.

Determining they need a match of the footprint, the group sneaks over to Cynthia's house to try to find Mrs. Payne's garden and her boots. Cynthia answers, to which Alfred explains it is important and they need to clear her name by seeing the boot but Cynthia refuses and demands they leave. Camille and Milo seem down until Alfred reveals her boots all had high heels and didn't match the mold of the foot print.

Alfred then asks for the samples they gathered and begins to go over them. The flower does not look weird, it is very healthy and well fertilized, when Camille points out that the fertilizer may have messed with the plants colour.

So Alfred asks his mom if she used any, to which she tells them she did not. At a momentary dead end, Alfred looks to his dad shoes while he busily naps and realizes they match!

While trying to yank it off, he accidentally wakes his father up and explains he is a suspect so they had to check. Alfred asks his dad what he was doing in the garden, to which he mentions having built a stone wall. Alfred and Co. rush back to the garden and take a picture of the stone wall using the Detectaberry. That's the third clue when they go to ask Rudy about the stones, as he was the one who gave them to his dad. Rudy informs them its Limestone! Which is a special stone that males soil less acidic.

Alfred explains to his mum that low acid normally turns Hydrangeas pink, but they still need to determine why they turned violet/light purple instead. His mum is ready to give up until she asks if she could make them pink still. To which Alfred mentions she can by adding more Limestones.

Come contest day, Mrs. Hedgehog takes first place, Mrs. Payne & her daughter Cynthia up! The group celebrate her win as she invites Camille and Milo to come with the family on Vacation since they had helped solve the mystery as the episode ends.


  • Alfred: "Mum, are you using any fertilizer?"
  • Ms. Hedgehog: "What? In the dinner?"


  • Camille: "Milo, be careful! You'll ruin the crime scene and the flower! And you'll never find a clue!"
  • Milo: "Uh, found one! What were you saying, Camille?"


  • Alfred: *pats Milo's head* "Now you're talking crazy, too!"


  • Cynthia: "A suspect? My mom is a suspect. Are you serious?!"


  • Mr. Hedgehog: "I'm a suspect? What? I'm a what?"


  • If the shoe at the crime scene had been a heel, it may have been a little difficult to get a proper mold as it'd be hard to tell it was an actual shoe print.
  • It is unknown where the vacation spot was at. However, based on the poster, it was a tropical area.
    • Also, there are no Episodes that show them vacationing. Other the Polly's cabana but as that is located in Gnarly woods, it may not count as an actual vacation.
  • Apparently the second place prize is a cactus. But it doesn't show up at the actual event or seen being given to Mrs. Payne and Cynthia.
  • The Gaumont website claims that the flowers turned ugly and brown. But in the episode, they actually turned into normal purple hydrangeas
  • The sun on the poster vaguely resembles a Hedgehog.
  • Alfred references Sherlock Holmes, though he is called "Merlock Holmes".
  • At the beginning of the episode Mrs. Payne mentions a gardener, meaning she didn't actually plant her own flowers. This could either mean she was cheating, or there may not have been any rules against this.
  • Alfred and co could have offered Minnie the remaining water they had.


  • Mrs. hedgehog's mouth doesn't seem to move right before the angle changes to show her facing Alfred at the beginning.
  • When Mrs. Payne begins to speak at the beginning and Mrs. Hedgehog asks her if she was going to enter hydrangeas too, notice her eyebrows are missing for a second.
  • When shown from behind as he discusses the acidic-ness, Rudy lacks his Buck-tooth.
  • As Alfred and co look to Alfred's dad, he is shown sleeping, but a second before he was awake. It seems weird that he fell asleep so quickly.
  • Just how would a foot tickle when you are wearing a shoe?