The Eyes Of A Thief

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Jan 9th, 2010

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The Eyes Of A Thief is episode 2 of The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog. 


Accusations are thrown around when Cynthia's wind chimes get stolen during the preparation for an upcoming sale. As time goes on more items start to go missing, initially hindering progress for the trio.


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Everyone in Gnarly woods is busy preparing for an upcoming sale to raise funds to repair the basketball court. Milo expresses sadness in the fact he accidentally ate the oatmeal cookies he had planned to sell, while Lilly mentions that she is going to try to sell her artwork. Cynthia suddenly runs by to claim that someone stole her wind chimes and explains that she went inside to get a new cleaning cloth after her previous one got ripped. When she returned, the wind chimes weren't there anymore. Alfred happens to notice an odd pair of prints nearby, but before he can say much, Victor and a few others announce that their items had been stolen, too.

The trio decide to go investigate, but Alfred realizes that his Detectaberry is out of power, so he can't use it right now. Lilly offers to get his charger, and at first he doesn't believe she can handle it and refuses - until Lilly accuses him of not trusting her. Alfred finally agrees to it, but as a concerned older brother, asks Camille to secretly watch over her.

Lilly arrives back to the Hedgequarters and grabs the hidden key to open the door. She leaves it open and runs inside to grab the charger, but as she turns, someone has shut the door and locked it. Lilly tries to look and see if anyone is nearby and she is suddenly startled by a big red eye staring at her, causing her to drop the charger and bump into a bookshelf. 

As Camille arrives she is alarmed to notice that the key is missing and sees that the door is locked. She starts to panic upon realizing that Lilly is inside, then she runs off to get Alfred and Milo.

Meanwhile, Alfred, Milo, and Cynthia are at Victor's house. He believes something was stolen, but they are only able to identify it as missing tinfoil. Camille arrives just then to alert them about Lilly, so together everyone runs back to Hedgequarters. Alfred attempts to bust the door open, but only hurts himself in the process. As they try to stay calm and help Lilly, she suddenly recalls another exit and climbs to the top of the tree, which she uses to escape outside.

After rejoining the others, they go back inside through the opening on top and go over the variety of clues. Milo believes that the thief has only been stealing metal objects, but Alfred points out that he had seen some metal things still untouched so that can't be true. But he is on the right track, as the thief isn't after metal - but shiny objects.

They try to determine who could be responsible for taking the shiny objects when Lilly recalls that she saw a red eye. She draws a picture for them and they begin to look through some things to try to match the eye with a Gnarly Woods resident. But the only one that makes sense is J.J.Raccoon, so they go to check up on him. As they arrive, they find J.J. in the middle of decorating his home with the various, shiny missing items. They confront him on this and he explains how he never meant to cause harm, but because he loves shiny things he couldn't help it.

As he feels bad for causing some residents grief, he asks to make it up to them.

Later on, Mr. Thomas announces that they have sold enough items needed to rebuild the basketball court. Everyone cheers as they hear this and Alfred watches nearby to see J.J. shining a frustrated Cynthia's wind chimes, the only object not to have sold.


  • Victor: "Ah! The painting of my Grandad! It's priceless!"
  • Milo: "You mean this painting?"
  • Victor: "Oh... Well... Glad to see grandad is still with us."


  • Camille: "Oh my gosh, someone took the key! Don't panic! Don't panic! DO-NOT-PANIC!"
  • Lilly: "I'm not panicking..."


  • Cynthia *right after running into the painting* : "Excuse me, sir!"



  • This is one of the episodes Cynthia tells a background story in the flashbacks.
  • Apparently, when she sings, her voice becomes unnaturally high pitch. This could be because she is a bird, or imply that she is "tone-death".
  • Milo panics at the thought his braces may have been stole, but it is pointed out that he doesn't have any. This could imply that he may have had them at one point.
  • The picture Milo found was a picture of Lumus. Then later, Tina Payne, Winston Moose and Chloe Owl.


  • Lily goes to get the charger at the Hedgequarters because Alfred's Detectaberry's battery is out of power. During this time, Alfred and his team investigate what was missing at Victor's place where they find the second clue (the missing tin foil). When Alfred takes the picture of the second clue, the battery in the Detectaberry is seen to be almost full!
  • When Cynthia runs to the detectives and passes out her beak is the wrong colored.
    • Also note that right before that, her neck marking is white colored, not tan.
  • Cynthia's wind chimes are shown to be silver the first time, but every instance afterwards the coloring changes.
  • As J.J. shines Cynthia's wind chimes, the clock behind him is missing its hands.
  • The mole girl and fox girl are at different heights in this episode.
  • Lilly's drawing was not accurately depicting what she saw in this episode. The only thing correct was the red eye color.
  • Given the sound of wind chimes, it seems unlikely that nobody would have noticed the items being taken.