Stranger Among Us

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Jan 16th, 2010

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When Ricardo Rabbit refuses to perform in Gnarly Woods at the night of the Spring Festival, Alfred and Co. are on a time limit to solve the mystery.


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Camille tries to assure the girls of Gnarly Woods that she got tickets for everyone to see Ricardo in his upcoming concert. She hands them over as Cynthia and her cousins show up, claiming that he won't be performing because something happened. She also mocks Camille by bringing up how many refunds she will need to cover because of it, as Camille begins to think about whether or not she is telling the truth, she, Alfred and Milo are forced to flee to Hedgequarters after the girls get angry at the idea that the concert won't go on.

Upon arrival the trio see a stranger already inside. Milo claims the mysterious person is imposter, but while he tries to deal with them, Alfred is able to tell it's Ricardo due to his response. He asks him why he is brown, causing Ricardo to admit that he doesn't know, but he refuses to perform like this. He has decides to cancel, but Camille pleads with him by asking him to go on if they can figure out what happened. He agrees after thinking it over, then recalls how the past few days have been when Alfred asks about it. 

While training for the concert he happened to notice a few brown hairs, but he pulled them off. Then later on, while in the shower he saw even more brown markings, and no matter how much he scrubbed and tried to clean them off, it refused to leave and by the time he got out of the shower, he saw larger brown patches. To investigate, the trio head over to his House in order to investigate the crime scene by collecting food samples and examining things. Milo plays around with the multiple mirrors and dances as Alfred observes the water Ricardo uses in his home, and soon Camille finds herself unable to resist playing around with Milo until Cynthia shows up again.

She continues to mock and make fun of Camille with her cousins, then she takes off. Alfred notices that she has accidentally grabbed the water they collected earlier, but before he can get it back, she and her cousins fall, causing her to spill out. However, when nothing happens, they deem it unimportant and not responsible.

Back at Hedgequarters, Alfred examines the food samples, but can't determine anything wrong with them. Ricardo decides to split and head back for his place, but Camille refuses by reminding him that they still have an hour to figure it out. Alfred asks Ricardo to show them where he was practicing days earlier in hopes of finding something and with a bit of force, they manage to convince him to come outside and show them. As they investigate, Lumas suddenly shows up as Ricardo dives into a nearby bush to hide. Lumus circles the remaining trio and demands to know why they are there, causing Alfred to quickly explain that they had to investigate the spot where Ricardo trained.

Lumus is excited by this, but when he tries to look around he is disappointed not to see him anywhere. He doesn't believe them, but he decides to leave - only after making a small threat.

Alfred shows confusion at this and decides to take a picture, only to observe that the picture was indeed needed. They head back to Hedgequarters, where Alfred reveals his suspicions. He asks Ricardo what type of rabbit he is, to which he responds that he is a Snowshoe Hare. Alfred looks this up and within seconds, determines what happened. As a defense mechanism, Ricardo's fur automatically changes during the seasons to protect him. Which explains why Lumus was unable to see him, now brown, hiding in the green bush. 

With the mystery solved, everyone suddenly remembers that Ricardo has his performance for the Spring Festival to do. In a much better mood, he agrees and shows up, then changes and gets onto stage to perform. As everyone has a fun time, Cynthia demands to know how Camille managed to go through with the plans - but Camille claims it was very easy.


  • Ricardo: "You're... kidding right?"


  • Ricardo: "No autographs."


  • Ricardo: "Finally, someone recognizes a star. Here's an autograph." *hands Alfred his picture*


  • Camille: "She's lying..."
  • Milo: "As usual..."


  • Ricardo: "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that...."


  • Alfred: "Ricardo, what kind of rabbit are you?"
  • Ricardo: "I'm debonair, cool, chicks dig me..."


  • The outfit Ricardo wore at his concert is a recolor of his normal concert attire. Possibly to fit his temporary brown fur.
  • This is the first episode involving something changing colour. It would happen again later on in the shows run, but this time to Cynthia and Camille. 
    • It also happens to flowers in another episode
    • Then lastly, wood.
  • Madeline, a wallaby implied to be Camille's sister shows up in this episode. At one point, Camille is shown watching her.


  • During the scene right before Cynthia and her cousins trip, the shading on Tina is all red colored - instead of the darker colors of her palette, which remains until the girls fall.
    • This was most likely the layering meant to be shading that was not properly adjusted.
  • When Cynthia asks Camille how she got Ricardo to perform, Gabby is drawn oddly.
  • When Ricardo holds Milo by his collar in Hedgequarters, he presses him to wall. A second later, when he drops Milo they are shown standing at the middle of the room instead.
  • The bottle lid is a pink-purple color, but in the picture for a clue it's dark blue.
  • The poster keeps changing in every instance right after the trio run from the angry girls.
  • Camille was holding the poster when they arrive to Hedgequarters, but right after they notice the shadow she's not seen holding it, although she did not put it down.
  • Milo was not shown dancing with his eye mask - but right after he is shown with them on.
  • As Camille comments on the water, notice that the mirror furthest from Milo has no reflection in it.
    • When Cynthia appears again, the last mirror on the side also lacks a reflection.
  • When Milo says: "Best idea I've heard all day!" his mouth doesn't move.



The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog (Wide Screen) - Stranger Among Us

The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog (Wide Screen) - Stranger Among Us

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