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Otter girl, as seen on Cynthia's birthday party (ad better picture if possible)

The otter girl, her name is either Maria or Melissa, is one of the many children/teens in Gnarly Woods. She makes many brief appearances throughout the series and has been mostly seen from distances in the crowds. She usually hangs out with the many other kids, besides Cynthia Payne or her cousin. Her birthday is unknown.

Physical appearance[]

Probably 10 years old, like the other children in the cast, Otter Girl stands around 160-170 centimeters. She shares many similarities with the Otter boy, who may possibly be her brother.

Otter girl has brown-grey colored skin/fur with a white muzzle and a dark brown nose. Her eyes appear to be red-brown. Otter girl has violet hair with a single spiked bang and side parts reaching her chin. Her hair is very long, but depending on the angle looks short. She wears a pink short sleeved turtle neck with a red zipper going down the center and short sleeves, a violet-blue skirt resembling Camille's, pink-red shoes and purple socks. Like Camille, her tail is worn underneath her skirt.


She normally seems calm or happy, but as shown with the Otter Boy, she can easily become annoyed or presented with a temper. During The Case of the Mysterious Visitor, she got annoyed with Milo, after he ate a lot of food, then proceeded to try to talk to her, in which she walked away while calling him disgusting.

She seems to like Ricardo Rabbit, but wasn't a girl shown fighting over him compared to others who appear often.

She appeared in the last scene of "The malfunctioning magical beans", she was cheering with the crowd, that Gnarly Woods Academy wins the magic trophy again.


  • She has a possible brother, of whom she is often seen with.


  • The Otter girl makes somewhat weird appearances in episodes. As she appears in one scene, but then in another completely disappears when she should still have been there.