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The Otter boy plays a supporting and "crowd" role in the series. Mostly he is seen in the background with others when Alfred investigates. He has not been involved in any of the mysteries directly, but has spoken few lines. His birthday is unknown.

He may be related to Otter girl.

Physical appearance[]

His name appears to be Michael, & he appears to be 10 years old, but a bit taller then Alfred & Co. His fur is an off brown-grey color while he has cream-white coloring on his muzzle, neck, and torso. His eyes are light brown and he has a dark brown nose and short spiked violet colored hair and thin otter tail.

Otter boy wears a like orange and burnt-rusty red orange polo shirt with light yellow at certain parts with green three quarters pants, and yellow and orange shoes. Normally Otter boy also wears a blue, back turned cap.


Not much is known about him, due to his lack of any important role in the series, but he appears to dislike Cynthia Payne and her cousins. His voice is almost same exact like Milo Skunk, but it also seems he is a fan of Ricardo. He shocked that he almost felt sorry for Milo Skunk been framed by the chameleon.