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Mr. Russard

Gender Male
Species Fox
Occupation Teacher
Voice Actor Terrence Scammell

Mr. Russard is the teacher of Gnarly Woods Academy who focuses on a variety of subjects and has a large classroom of students. He will also lend Alfred and his friends help when investigating, and he's a very patient person capable of dealing with the more temperamental residents of Gnarly Woods, like Cynthia Payne and Ricardo Rabbit.

He makes an appearance in many episodes, ranging from cameos to voiced roles. He has a house he lives in when not at the school, and he participates in setting up many events around the woods.



Mr. Russard is rust-red fox who appears to be in his twenties or thirties. He has a peach muzzle and dark colored eyebrows, and his nose is light brown. His eyes are green and he has spiked hair slightly darker than his fur. His tail matches his fur, with a darker colored tip, and when he speaks he has noticeable fangs.

Casually, he wears a white top with dark blue sweater lined in red, black pants, and dark colored shoes.


Mr. Russard is very wise with a knowledge for many school subjects and things related to nature. He is also shown to make his own natural items, organize events or competitions, and scuba dive. He is polite and enjoys bonding with his students to teach them new things, taking them on many trips or coming up with projects. He is very kind and helpful, and he's shown to be very patient, capable of putting up with those who get emotional, frustrated, or feel scared.

He's generally calm and professional, but the idea of the school shutting down can cause him to panic.


  • Alfred: At times, Alfred can be found speaking with him when he needs some advice.
  • Milo: He understands that Milo struggles with school some times, and he's very proud of him when he manages to do well.
  • Cynthia: He is often shown being capable of calming her down whenever she gets worked up. But at the same time, he will be stern or lecture her for trying to cheat or do something wrong.
  • Ricardo: He's one of the few people who can manage to cool him down whenever he gets frustrated and threatens to leave.


  • Besides him, there are also 2 fox kids that resemble him who often show up, as well as Dr. Anna, but it is unknown if he's related to any of them.
  • It's implied that Mr. Russard is also knowledgeable about plants.