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Characters come in all shapes and forms. There is 3 different types of characters in series:

  1. Type 1: Humanoid: Characters like Alfred Hedgehog and Co. They resemble humans, wear clothing, and speak normally, and are shown with fingers, feet and human anatomy.
  2. Type 2: Semi-Feral: Animals like Lumus or Chloe. They can speak normally, but they are more animal like. Clothing is optional.
  3. Type 3: Feral: The normal type of animals involved in Mysteries. Like the birds, squirrels, honey bees, and so forth. They do not speak like humans would, and are much smaller then Alfred and Co. Purely animal.

For a page on type 3 animals, go here for information on them and the episodes they were featured in. This page will be for type 1 and 2.

Gnarly WoodsEdit


Racoon Girl
Girl Raccoon: (the smallest in group photo) Rarely making appearances, the girl raccoon may be related to J.J. Raccoon, but this is highly unlikely, as they are never shown together. She is very small in comparison to the other females in the cast, but she was also shown to change size throughout the episode when she appears during the beginning.

She was trying out for the Juliet role in the Romeo and Juliet play. She did not get it however, nor was she shown even trying out. Her appearance was vaguely reminiscent of Maid Marianne from the Robin Hood series starring a Fox. She wore a dark purple dress with a pink section or tank top underneath, along with a pale pink cloth that covered her ears.


There is a bird boy seen in the episode "The Glowing Eyes".

Black ForestEdit