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Milo Skunk is one of Alfred's best friends and another member of his mystery solving group. Milo is a fun loving, goofy skunk who is easily excited or scared. He loves food, and fantasy. Especially anybody's birthdays, & his own as well.

Milo is voiced by Angela Galuppo.



Milo is a cool-grey coloured skunk boy. His hair and tail are darker grey-blue coloured with a big, single streak of white in the middle. He has a black nose and light brown eyes.

He about the same height as Camille and Alfred, who are also 10 years of age.


He wears grey glasses with big circled frames. Milo's common attire consist of dark brown-khaki pants, a yellow sweater with zipper and neck folded down worn over a blue t-shirt, and brown shoes.

During ?winterEpisode?, Milo wears a yellow-orange coat with olive green lining, loose off-yellow gloves with olive green lining, pants and a brown snow cap with yellow-green lining all over it, and on the inside.

When swimming or at the beach, Milo wears dark green swimtrunks with pale yellow lining.

In ?episode?, Milo wore a yellow tanktop like hoodie with blue lining, blue elbow pads and fingerless gloves, and also a pair of shorts and tennis shoes.

For the race in the first episode, Milo wore a yellow T-shirt with a thick hot pink band going around the centre with his number 8 printed on it, dark blue wristbands, slightly darker yellow shorts with a dark purple stripe going down both legs, dark blue shoes with orange markings, a dark coloured backpack with multiple functions, and an orange sweatband.

For a moment in "Buggy Summer" Milo wore a bright yellow tank-top like shirt that looked to have shoulderpads, along with multiple purple-blue arm pads on each arm and his normal pants and shoes. Along with a protective mask to keep his face safe from the bugs.

Milo's pajamas seen in ?episode? are yellow themed, consisting of a yellow long sleeved shirt with lighter yellow shoulder markings and dark yellow cuffs. His pants match his tops main color.


A valuable teammate and friend, Milo has many personality traits to him all bundled up in one package! He is known for mainly being a cowardly clumsy boy, who will run away or hide from danger rather then face it head on. He panics and worries a lot and can manage to work himself up about the most minor of things, though Camille sometimes helps egg him on by scaring him even more or teasing him.

He also has an unlucky streak, though perhaps not as bad as Cynthia's very own. And most of the time, his accidents or problematic moments can cause him to stumble across something good for the mystery.

Another well known part of Milo is that he's a total glutton! He's in love with food practically and is quite a big eater. He does love to do things and get active however, which probably explains why he does not weigh too much. He loves to eat food so much that he also loves to cook for himself, and he does it often. Others really seem to like what he makes however, so Milo likes to contribute things he has made whenever suitable. Like for picnics or sales. He tends to get very sad if someone else eats food that he wished to have, or if it'd go to waste.

Despite his gluttonous nature though, Milo is also a very talented runner and is surprisingly very fast and agile. He can climb trees and walls with ease and he also plays many different sports. Like basketball, car racing, track, and so forth. Milo also shows interest in mechanical devices, including the Detectaberry and can often be seen using software and small electronics. Usually a listening device that he's been only shown to use. He even shows an interest in fencing, if how often he is likely to pretend to play Knight and sword fight imply anything.

While Milo may not be as smart as Camille and Alfred, he does have his own moments of providing ideas that nobody has ever mentioned yet. Sometimes his clumsiness causes him to find interesting clues and evidence.


Although his family is never shown, once or twice Milo does give mention to his parents. Such as in The mysterious Sneeze when he and Camille both had said their parents also caught the weird virus going around.


  • Alfred Hedgehog (Best Friend; Team Partners): Milo's best friend, Alfred has no problem calming down his nervous friend, and always seems to enjoy Milo's company. Milo loves it when Alfred puts his trust into him and likes solving mysteries with him.
  • Camille Wallaby (Best Friend; Team Partners): Another of Milo's friends, they usually bicker, argue, and fight over usually silly things. Milo knows very well that he can't really depend on Camille for help, while Camille expresses annoyance in Milo's goofy or cowardly nature, and has a habit of criticizing him.
  • Lilly Hedgehog (Friend; Time-by-time Team Partners): While he normally gets along with the young hedgehog girl, Milo accidentally has a habit of scaring Lilly or makes her cry. But to make up for it, he always tries to make her feel better or cheer her up.
  • Cynthia Payne (Classmate; Enemy): Milo, much like Alfred holds no grudge against Cynthia but she harasses him on a near-daily basis, for the sake of being rude. Usually its because of his species, or because of just being a total klutz. Despite the fact she does this twice as much as he does. Also, Milo gets angry with her easily and enjoys rubbing things in her face when he's right or proven her wrong.


"Maybe it is Halloween and nobody told us...?"


  • As seen in "Ricardo's missing head" despite his cowardly nature, Milo sometimes overcomes this. Examples include:
  1. Milo diving into the bush when he saw it moving and pulled out whatever it was inside.
  2. Trying to beat up the "imposter Ricardo".
  • Milo has only been seen with his glasses off twice.
  • Milo has shown up with different shoes three times throughout the series.
  • Despite his intelligence, Milo does not know/understand "big words" and generally does terrible in school.
  • Despite his young age, Milo seems to have some knowledge from "German Fencing School".
  • Sometimes Milo calls himself the Milonator. This usually ends with others asking, "The who?"
  • While Camille has been shown to be stronger than most girls her age, Milo has shown to be pretty weak.
  • Milo is often, if not always the character who narrates the ending information during the credits. In The Case of the Space Invader, he even references himself as the narrator. Which basically confirms he does them.
    • Certain episodes when watched with captions on will claim it is Alfred doing the narrations though.
  • Milo is one of the only characters to have an episode about His/her Birthday. The only other character to have an episode about their birthday is Cynthia, in The Case of the Mysterious Visitor.
  • Milo has gotten a splinter in two different episodes.
  • Milo doesn't have a dating girlfriend for the entire program.
  • Milo's house was never shown directly shown. Except for very minor instances.
  • Unlike normal skunks. Milo noticeably does not spray. But Cynthia teases him regarding body-odor anyway.
  • On the official Gaumont website, it says "Alfred knows he can always count on Milo. Even though Milo isn't so sure he can count on himself." Which could be a hint saying that Milo lacks self confidence, which has seemingly come up throughout the course of the series.
  • Due to what he says about his mother, its possible she is very strict. Or at least cares much about what happens to his personal things.


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