Lumus is a briefly seen background character who appears throughout the series. Usually, when he appeares, he brings a clue or two along the way.

A grouchy, grumpy Mountain Lion, Lumus is not someone you should mess with so carelessly. He has no problem threatening someone, including Alfred and friends, if they bother him long enough. He is an openly stated carnivore. Which makes many people of Gnarly Woods afraid of him.

Lumus is voiced by Kwasi Songui.

Lumus lives in a cave all by himself.


Lumus is always seemingly grumpy. He does not take kindly to those who mess with him or anything else that he would consider bothersome or annoying. He is usually always hungry and, like many other cats, he loves a good nap.

Lumus happens to have a liking of both black humor and sarcasm. He isn't above threatening others when they bother him, or he just does not want their particular company. He is rather mysterious and not a lot of information was given on him during the series.

Despite his threatening demeanor, nobody really makes talk about him. But it could be because they know what he could do, should they upset him...

Lumus also is a Ricardo fan. He was disappointed when he thought Alfred and the others lied to him when Alfred tried to show him that Ricardo was hiding in the nearby bush, but he couldn't see him due to the rabbits natural camoflague.

Physical appearanceEdit

Lumus is around 150 centimeters tall (When standing on all four, but when he would be standing on hind legs, he would be probably tallest inhabitant in Gnarly Woods) orange tiger, with dark cream muzzle, paws, ears and abdomen. He has, very unlike for tiger, grey eyes and pink-red nose, also, black ending of his tail.

Lumus wears a yellow shirt-like top, similar to those used by martial arts trainees,withous sleeves, but with few buttons and pockets. He also has a pair of yellow paws protectors.


  • Despite being carnivore, it's never stated if he actually ate anyone.
  • Strangely enough, he appears to be fan of Ricardo Rabbit, as seen in Mysterious Stranger episode.
  • Due to his clothes, he appears to know some martial arts, probably Asian origin.
  • It's strange that his shirt has pockets, when he always seen on all four and would also have trouble using them with how his paws are.
  • Alfred said he would never trick Lumus, never in a 1,000,000 years
  • Lumus is the only threatening carnivore in the forest, which makes the others fear him. While Grizz, or Mr. Russard, species which would also be considered carnivore, are never at all mentioned.