J.J. Raccoon is one of the many inhabitants of Gnarly Woods. He is known for his "magpie-like" thieving skills and takes things with virtually little to no value.

Despite swearing that he will no longer steal from others, it is shown he still has a bit of this remaining in him, but he tries to not steal, seeing how rude it makes him seem. Due to this, whenever something is stolen, he is usually accused of it.

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Physical appearanceEdit

J.J. usually stands on is hind legs, reaching around 140-150 centimeters tall (just around Alfred's shoulders). He has grey fur with many white and black/dark gray markings around his head, chest, and hands. His eyes are small and brown in color. His most noticeable feature is his red cap he always wears.


At first J.J. was a thief, most likely due to his Racoon species, which happen to be common thieves in order to survive. He loves shiny things and does not care if its something as simple as a doorknob, or big as a pot. He will take whatever seems prettiest to him and hang it on the tree he lives at.

J.J. is somewhat childish, as he once admits at the end of The spirited Pearls that he lost a tooth and had planned to give it to the Tooth Fairy. Only to realize that Cynthia stole it, thinking it was a pearl. Then he pretends to chase after her as the others laugh.


  • J.J.'s name is really "Jonathan Racoon". (Needs verification.)
  • He is one of the few Gnarly Woods residents to wear very little, in comparison to no clothing, or an entire outfit at all.
  • A raccoon girl exists in the series, but no relation between them has been shown.
  • One case on the Online Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog game involves J.J. being confused with a Red Panda, which led everyone to believe he dyed himself red. This is because a Red Panda is actually a similar relative to the Racoon.