Grizz "Grey" Kodiak is a main woodworker and forest ranger in Gnarly Woods, often seen together with his friend, Rudy.

Involved in a few mysteries, Grizz sometimes helps Alfred and his friends on occasion. And also handles a lot of wood based work. Such as building, fixing or chopping down.

He was first introduced in "Mystery of old Gnarly."

Physical AppearanceEdit

Grizz looks to be a thirty year old kodiak bear and appears to be around 180-190 centimetres tall. With light brown fur and tan coloring muzzle, and inside of his hears. Unlike most Gnarly Wood residents, he lacks hair on the top of his head. His eyes are gray-blue.

He mostly wears a yellow work blouse with red pockets and ends of the sleeves, with white shirt worn beneath. Dark violet pants tucked into eight-holed red work boots. He also wears a yellow cap and on rare occasions will wear a pair of brown-gray leather work gloves and face shield/mask.

He lives at his work place, known as "Grizz Kodiak's sawmil".


Grizz is a big bear, with a twice as big golden heart. He works as a Gnarlly Woods joiner and understands his job to perfecten. Due to his tall stature he can be a little intimidating to the smaller creatures, but Grizz does not sound mean or anything! It's further from the truth.

He helps Alfred when he can, and does a lot of carpenter based tasks and he does a lot of the construction work around Gnarly Woods.


  • The Grizz's name is based on off of the bear spieces known as a "Grizzly Bear".
  • Grizz's name is changed to Grey, in some translations, Czech included. It's mostly because the Grizz is hardly pronounced and used in sentences, in other languages.
  • Apparently Grizz carries a pale pink hanky with small hearts in his pocket.