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One of the often seen background characters, normally in the crowd. Fox girl is a character possibly related to Fox boy, with whom she is normally depicted to be with.

She have never spoken and is rarely seen up close all by herself. She may be related to Mr. Russard or Dr. Anna, both of whom she resembles.

A fox girl almost resembling her and her brother is also seen cheering for Black Forest in "The Malfunctioning Magic Beans".

Physical appearanceEdit

Just like all other kids about her age of ten years. She is probably about 160-170 centimeters tall. She has brown-red fur with flame orange short, spiked hair that does not seem to reach her shoulders, with multiple bangs and thick side bangs in front of her slightly pointed ears and what looks to be small cowlicks. She has a brown nose, cream muzzle and neck, light brown eyebrows and ivy green eyes. She is one of the few species to be shown with a cat-like mouth and has short clawed nails and fangs.

Her common attire consist of a white tanktop with yellow lining, tucked into a pair of green shorts, held with a yellow belt. She wears a yellow wristband and yellow eight-holed boots resembling hiking boots.

For the romeo and Juliet play, Fox Girl wore a light yellow dress with golden lining up the center, split near her waist to reveal dark green coloring in the center, while at the neck was a peach colored frilled segment, her normal bracelet/wristband, and brown and orange colored ear pieces.


So far the only main factor about Fox girl is that like the other girls in The Gnarly woods, she is a big fan of Ricardo Rabbit.

Due to her outfit, it seems that she enjoys things like tourism and hiking.


  • Mr. Russard and/or Dr. Anna are her possible parents but not relation has been shown between them, other then physical appearance.
    • Wkipedia says they are related, but Wikipedia is an unofficial resource. So they will not be labled as such until real proof is shown.
  • Fox boy may be her brother.


  • Fox girl may be friends with Mole Girl, with whom she was seen embracing cheerfully and with multiple times during Stranger Among Us.
  • She seems to know some kind of martial arts along with Mole Girl
  • She likes Ricardo's white fur.