Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Wiki

The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog is a series that began back in 2010 for almost half of a year. It lasted for one season and had a total of 52 episodes, usually put together in a 26 episode format. 

Each segment is about eleven minutes long. 

Below is the directory list for each episode, with pages including summaries, quotes, trivia, images, and much more. 


Name Summary # Airdate
The Forest Attacks!

While training for an upcoming race Milo is attacked in the forest! Cynthia, who is also running and made fun of him is blamed for trying to sabotage him; but was it really her?

1 Jan 9, 2010
The Eyes of a Thief

There is an upcoming sale in Gnarly Woods, but after everyone's personal items begin to go missing, Alfred tries to find the culprit.

2 Jan 9, 2010
The Phantom Footprints

After finding weird markings by her prized, large pumpkin, Polly asks for Alfred's help in trying to identify who could have tried to steal it.

3 Jan 13, 2010
Boo Radley's House

Making their way home, Alfred, Camille, and Milo witness a frightening sight at Mrs. Radley's house. But when everyone begins to get frightened and considers leaving Gnarly Woods, Alfred suggests they invetigate the old home.

4 Jan 13, 2010
Casting Call

Camille and Cynthia are two of many girls trying out for the part of Juliet in the upcoming play. But after various incidents occur for the auditions, blame is shifted towards Cynthia and Ricardo calls off the play.

5 Jan 14, 2010
The No Treasure Treasure Hunt

Alfred and Winston face off against Cynthia and Louise in the treasure race. But upon realizing it's gone missing, it becomes a race to discover where it went!

6 Jan 14, 2010
Sleepless Night

Alfred is confronted by three, very cranky Gnarly Woods residents who were unable to sleep the previous night and they ask him to locate the source that kept them up.

7 Jan 16, 2010
Stranger Among Us

After Ricardo considers calling off his upcoming concert, he approaches Alfred to reveal his fur has changed color. He asks for Alfred's help in figuring out why.

8 Jan 16, 2010
The Glowing Eyes

Milo makes his way home after a long day of fishing one evening when he is shocked to see something scary. The sight frightens him so much that he refuses to leave his home!

9 Jan 19, 2010
A Flash of Silver

After his home is destroyed by an unknown source, Oakly asks the sleep-deprived Alfred for help finding out what happened while he hurriedly rebuilds before his Mother arrives for a visit.

10 Jan 19, 2010
Buggy Summer After noticing the abundance of bugs in Gnarly Woods, Alfred tries to figure out the cause. 11 Jan 20, 2010
Trouble at Turtle Pond The trio find that the pond Lugu lives in has been drained. In hopes of helping their tutle friend, they try to find the missing water source. 12 Jan 20, 2010
The Case of the Space Invader The trio spot a strange figure walking around Gnarly Woods and soon, everyone begins to think there is an alien invading. 13 Jan 21, 2010
The Fur Growing Tree

Mr. Remy believes he has discovered a new tree species and he refuses to let anyone get near it. Including the suspicious Alfred and friends.

14 Jan 21, 2010
Who Knocked Out Grizz? Grizz is injured one day while on his boat and suffers from amnesia. So Alfred attempts to help him regain his lost memories by going back to the scene of the crime. 15 Jan 27, 2010
The Great Flower Mystery

The upcoming Gnarly Woods Flower Contest is going to be held, and Mrs. Hedgehog believes she has a really good chance at winning this year. But she is soon horrified after discovering someone -or something- ruined her flowers!

16 Jan 27, 2010
The Ghastly Ghost Beetles Everyone sees a ghostly sight during a class camping trip. 17 Jan 28, 2010
It's Raining Fish Fish were witnessed raining down from the sky one day and everyone is alarmed by the strange event. Alfred and his friends try to figure out what happened. 18 Jan 28, 2010
Cabana Drama Something is frightening the guests at Polly's Cabana and she asks for the trio's help. But during the case the trio get into a disagreement. Will they be able to make up and solve the case before she is forced to close the Cabana? 19 Feb 2, 2010
A Three Star Mystery Razzy, a famous rating celebrity will be coming to Gnarly Woods to rate it. But after he is suddenly doused in water he refuses to stay and it's up to Alfred to hurry up and find the cause before he leaves. 20 Feb 2, 2010
The Case of the Invisible Visitor 21 Feb 3, 2010
The Mysterious Fog 22 Feb 3, 2010
The Mystery of Old Gnarly 23 Feb 4, 2010
The Mysterious Vandal 24 Feb 4, 2010
The Baffling Bubbles Mystery 25 Feb 9, 2010
The Mysterious Snow Rolls 26 Feb 9, 2010
The Maple Syrup Mystery 27 Feb 10, 2010
The Mysterious Itch 28 Feb 10, 2010
The Mystery of the Big Stink 29 Feb 11, 2010
The Malfunctioning Magic Beans 30 Feb 11, 2010
The Mysterious Fern 31 Feb 16, 2010
The Go-Kart Mystery 32 Feb 16, 2010
The Night of the Stars 33 Feb 17, 2010
The Blue Mystery Class photo day has arrived, but a sick Alfred is forced to determine why Cynthia and Camille have suddenly turned blue! 34 Feb 17, 2010
Bubble Trouble 35 Feb 18, 2010
The Mysterious Falling Forest! 36 Feb 18, 2010
Ol' Fingerbone's Revenge! 37 Feb 23, 2010
Who, What, When, and How? 38 Feb 23, 2010
The Mysterious Sneeze 39 Mar 23, 2010
Long Live the Queen 40 Mar 23, 2010
The Haunting Sound 41 Mar 24, 2010
The Marsh Mystery 42 Mar 24, 2010
The Magician's Wand Everyone is convinced that Milo is a wizard after something strange happens one day while playing with a stick he pretends is a wand. 43 Mar 25, 2010
False Notes in Gnarly Woods 44 Mar 25, 2010
The Mystery of Ricardo's Missing Head Ricardo gets into a disagreement with Helmut while he works on a statue of him- then, when it's head suddenly vanishes he asks Alfred for help fining it and the cause of the incident. 45 Mar 30, 2010
The Mystery of the 99 Fish 46 Mar 30, 2010
The Mysterious Red Spots After a hiking trip Alfred is shocked upon discovering a bunch of inchy, red spots on him and his friends. 47 Mar 31, 2010
The Mystery of Heavy Feet After finding someone stuck by a large rock, everyone in Gnarly Woods is startled after realizing that anyone who touches it ends up sticking to it and can't move from their spot! 48 Mar 31, 2010
The Case of the Disappearing Painting Lilly makes a painting and runs off to get Alfre and his friends to show them, but after they return to find it no longer there he tries to determine where it went. 49 Jun 12, 2010
The Spirited Pearls 50 Jun 12, 2010
The Mysterious Gold Rush 51 Jun 19, 2010
The Artful Art Thief! 52 Jun 19, 2010


  • All together Alfred has 9 episodes that star him or a family member, Camille has 3, and Milo has 11. Also, 2 have starred Lilly Hedgehog. Cynthia has 9 episodes she is heavily featured in, but she has made cameo appearances in almost all of them.
  • 3 episodes have "the case of" in their title.
  • 11 episodes have the word "mystery" in them. While "mysterious" is in 9 titles.
  • The sequence of episodes differs depending on the country it is airing in.