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Edgar (Remy) is a mole child in Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog. He is a fellow classmate, background character, and semi-friend of Alfred and co. Though his age is unknown, nor his birthday either as of this time.

Edgar is the son of Mr. Remy and the assumed younger brother of Mole Girl.

It is unknown who voices him.


Edgar is a small, pale purple skinned mole boy. He resembles all of the mole characters featured in Alfred hedgehog and has pink-red eyes like almost everyone possibly related to Mr. Remy. Unlike Mole girl and Mr. Remy however, Edgar doesn't wear glasses. A woman who may be there mother also lacks glasses. Often his eyes are closed or squinting.

Edgar's hair is short and slightly messy, resembling almost a common boy style that most gnarly boys seem to have the basics of. He also has a small, cute pink nose!

Edgar's frame/build resembles Mr. Remy's, in which he seems to be slightly heavy in weight. He wears a a dark blue shirt/jacket with red lining and cuffs, along with small yellow buttons and a badge at the upper left corner. As well as a white shirt with a collar, red trousers and pale brown shoes with big white segments at the toe.


Not much is known about Edgar, as he's only been a background character with few big roles in the earlier episodes. He is usually very quiet and to himself, and hasn't made too much of an impression on most. Cynthia usually addresses him as "Edgar What's-his-name", either meaning she has no idea what his name exactly is, or she just doesn't care.

Alfred and Co. recognized his hobbies for taking photographs and had asked him for help a few times in such cases. This would most-likely mean that Edgar enjoys photography. Especially during rare occurrences or anything suspicious or new to him.

Sometimes Edgar makes self-referral mole jokes, such as how they have bad eyesight.


Edgar is Mr. Remy's child, as well as the possible brother of Mole Girl. The main hint being the fact that they all share similarities in design of fur/hair colouring, skin, eyes, and basic features like nails, wide eyes, and pink noses.

Another little mole boy can sometimes be seen in the series who appears much younger than Edgar. This little mole could also be related somehow.

There is also one or two different female moles who have appeared in the series.



  • Originally, confusion was high in regards to Edgar and his family. In a very early episode he was shown inside a house and later in the series, Mr. Remy lives in the same house. This proves they are related.


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