Cynthia, yelling at Camille

The (somewhat) antagonist of "The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog", Cynthia Payne is the bratty daughter of Mrs. Payne. She acts like a typical rich child, throwing tantrums, whining, being rude, petty and very conceited and she sees herself as being above others.

Usually, Cynthia is surrounded by her three cousins, Tina, Louise and Gabby, and naturally takes the leader's role. She does not like Alfred and his friends, but she'll order them to help her if something happens involving her.

Cynthia is voiced by Lisa Norton.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cynthia is a ten year old pheasant who is around 160-170 centimeters tall, like Alfred and Co. She is noticeably curvy, despite her young age, but this could due to her species or used to show that she is slightly skinnier than Alfred and co. Her feathered skin is carrot Orange-brown in color. She has a reddish-orange beak, blue tongue, and Carolina-blue colored eyes, though they often appear blue-gray. Around her neck is a very soft peach colored marking resembling a necklace. Her hair is about shoulder length and orange-blond in color with short pointed bangs and oddly, her tail feathers are a similiar color with a very noticeable purple streak down the center.

Her common attire colors consist of shades of pink, and burgandy-pink. Her normal outfit is a light pink T-shirt dress with black leggings, burgandy belt, and light pink flats. She always wears a burgandy-pink beret with a leaf badge/pin in the far corner side.

For bed Cynthia wears a pleat-styled pale pink blouse resembling her normal dress/shirt with puffed sleeves and a hot pink line going around the center, dark purple-burgandy knee length pants, light colored slippers, and a frilled eyemask.

When swimming Cynthia wears a light pink dress with a hot pink stripe going around the center and shorter hot pink leggings.

In Winter Cynthia wears a pale pink jacket with a zipper and a big burgandy pocket below it, burgandy pants and pale pink laced boots. Along the lining of her attire is pale-ivy green coloring, pink gloves, and a burgandy hat like piece with green lining.

During the Romeo and Juliet play, Cynthia wore two different costumes, one of them being green colored with a segment of white on both sides going down the center. The dress hung off of her shoulders and her sleeves are bright burgandy in color with a stripe of green near the end. She wears a green headband-hat with burgandy along the edge. The other costume consist of red-peach coloring with long sleeves, loose at the wrist with a light burgandy hat resembling her beret, with light pink lining along the dress and her hat having a pale pink cloth hanging from it.

For her birthday, Cynthia wore a pale pink dress similiar to her normally worn outfit but with a dark pink stripe around her waist, and along the bottom lining was bright pink-purple flowery material. She wore white flats and a silver tiara/crown-like hair ornament on a thin pink headband.

For sport events, she normally wears pink themed helmets and sunglasses with green lenses. In running sport events, Cynthia had on a pale pink T-shirt and skirt, along with hot pink tanktop with a 4 on it. Instead of her hat, Cynthia wore a burgandy headband and yellow colored shoes.

In The Blue Mystery, Cynthia wore a longer version of her normal attire, and a pair of lace cuffed gloves in order to hide the fact she turned blue.


As stated, Cynthia has been seen as an antagonist multiple times in the series due to her childish and rotten behavior. She is seen to cause problems, ranging from just trying to gain attention on herself or cheating if she feels her role as number one is being threatened. She generally is talented, but because of this she has become very smug and arrogant and will not take losing very lightly. She is both a sore-loser, and a sore-winner, to the point that she will claim injury, make wild accusations, or pick low points to mock them in order to discourage the person.

Selfish and bossy, Cynthia will only ever help others if a reward may be involved. Causing her to storm off if it turns out she wont be getting anything other then praise. She is an attention seeker, but seems to be rather lazy in the sense she prefers to spend her time lounging around and forcing her cousins, her so-called friends do all of her work unless supervised by an adult. Due to this she generally isn't well liked by most, though when in dire need of help she has no problems turning to Alfred and Co, even if they don't particulary favor each other. Her ire seems mostly towards Camille, so much so in fact that they can hardly stand to be even near each other for more then five minutes. They are both openly rude to one-another and she likes to tease Camille because she knows of her short fuse.

While she seems to only care for herself and is very petty, she does look up to her mother. But that doesn't stop her from causing tantrums or making a big fuss due to being spoiled. She expects the most fanciest or expensive of things and has shown to be very girly, enjoying activities like shopping or a pair of new shoes. She also takes great pride in her appearance, which would mean she's somewhat vain.

However, Cynthia does have her surprising moments. She may not apologize for making mistakes or being wrong, but she can show a more cheery side when a mystery is solved or when her innocence is proven. If not provoked, she can be downright friendly and will even help others.

Like other girls in Gnarly Woods, she adores Ricardo Rabbit and Razzy.


  • Mrs. Payne, Cynthia's mother, of whom she resembles. Normally busy, Mrs. Payne always does whatever she can to help Cynthia more noticeable. But she often has to correct or scold her when she does not act lady-like.
  • Cynthia has three cousins/friends she is normally seen with and despite how bossy she is, they seem to have no problem doing what she tells them to.
  • Cynthia also has (or had) a grandmother. She is never mentioned or named, but is shown on one old photo.


  • Alfred Hedgehog (Classmate; Enemy): Compared to Milo and Camille, Cynthia is nicest to Alfred. She is rude to him, but she never hesitates to beg him to help her in times of crisis. Alfred is rarely ever hostile or rude to her though, unless she seriously provokes him or did something to deserve it.
  • Milo Skunk (Classmate; Enemy): Cynthia is shown to not like Milo very much and considers him very accident prone, often mocking him for this and his species despite the fact she is just as clumsy. She is easily angered with him and Milo seems to be intimidated by her, but he also openly admits to disliking her and argues with her almost as much as Camille does.
  • Camille Wallaby (Classmate ; Enemy): Cynthia and Camille are sworn enemies and rivals. They are almost always at each other's throats to prove who is better. Despite how kind she may be, Camille will always accuse Cynthia of crimes during a mystery, even when she has no proof of this to say she did anything. Rarely she does try to be nice but she is normally just met with attitude anyway.


  • "It's just a vegetable, get over it..."
  • "Ow! Who in their right mind would put a tree there?"
  • "Shove off, your blocking my sun..."
  • "I meant to do that."
  • "Just get over it!"


  • Cynthia is the only Payne family member with a tail and it oddly resembles Rudy's.
  • Very rarely does Cynthia get penalized for the problems she causes.
  • Cynthia is the klutziest character in the series and often gets hurt or into accidents. The Gaumont website claims this is because she is short-sighted.
  • The name 'Payne' (an altered spelling of the word Pain) is a reference to how mean and annoying Cynthia can be.
  • Cynthia seems to like Dr. Anna, as shown when she and Camille had turned blue and she went on to say that Dr. Anna was really nice and helped her with her allergies.
  • Cynthia's favorite colors may be Pink and/or Orange. She wears pink themed outfits and almost everything of hers is pink, but her accessories are usually orange in color, like her pom poms and hankerchief.
  • Ironically enough, Cynthia had always found a clue when "voluntarily" joining the Detectives.
  • During the first few episodes, Cynthia's voice was more high-pitch and not as whiney and snobby, & sometimes thuggishly attitude fromgot that Madea Attitude tone from Tyler Perry movies, Ironically.
  • Cynthia is the only 10 year old to address a parent as "Mommy".
  • As revealed in some episodes, she unawarely finds clues like when she touched the liquid the termites made.
  • Cynthia has rarely (if ever) been shown eating anything. In terms of drinks, she seems to like water.
  • In one episode is shown to be tone-deaf when singing.


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