Boo Radley's House

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Jan 13th, 2010

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 Boo Radley's House is episode four of The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog. 


Alfred, Camille and Milo investigate a spooky, suspicious glowing house to prove that it isn't haunted. But can they do it before everyone gets scared off and leave Gnarly Woods?   


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

A fearful Milo is concerned they may have gotten lost one late evening. Camille points out that they need to hurry so that their parents don't worry about them, but they struggle to use the compass for a few minutes until Camille decides they will just go in the direction it pointed for her. They start to run as rain pours down and hide under a big rock for shelter - but in this time, Alfred shows Camille and Milo something glowing nearby. Alarmed by it, the trio resume fleeing for home until they get there.

As they calm down, Alfred points out the light they saw could have been from a festival decoration or an event, but Camille is too distracted scaring the already panicked Milo. Since it is now too late to determine anything, he invites his friends to spend the night, so that they can go investigate the next morning.

In the morning, Alfred, Camille and Milo go back to try to find some clues. Alfred points out a lack of life around this location, then points out that the glowing can't be made by electricity and calls this a clue. He then decides to check out the rotting material Milo almost fell through, and eventually they start to notice a strange scent of fruit nearby and calls it a second clue. He goes on to assure Milo that there isn't anything to be afraid of as they stand at the front door, but they get frightened by a strange figure who peeks through it right after and run away again.

The trio come to a stop just in time to see Polly Porcupine and Rudy run by; Rudy of whom, stops to help Milo up after he gets knocked down. He explains that everyone in the Gnarly Woods is starting to grow anxious and fearful of the glowing house and there are many residents preparing to flee the area out of fear of whatever is glowing. With that, Alfred decides they need to hurry up and return to his house.

There, Camille describes the woman they saw and mentions she was an elderly chipmunk. They are joined by Alfred's mum, who overheard them and reveals that they saw Coleen Radley. An elderly woman who chose to live a solitary lifestyle - meaning that she chooses to live alone in a quiet, peaceful environment with no disturbances and worries that they may have frightened her. The trio then go over the clues as Alfred mentions they need to find something that glows, likes things that rot, but smells sweet. At first, convinced it may have been an anime, Alfred figures that it is probably a plant, only to later say it is actually neither.

When the evening arrives, the trio return to the house and he explains his theory and answer to his friends as the glowing begins to form again. It comes from a fungus known as the "Jack-o-lantern Mushrooms". He warns them not to touch the mushrooms, since they are poisonous as Milo notices how translucent they look upon closer inspection. To make up for what they may have done, the group decide to lend a hand cleaning up the hill and Mrs. Radley's house by clearing the fungus. Milo asks if they can wait until the day time to do it, causing both of his friends to laugh.


  • Milo: "Maybe it is Halloween and nobody told us....?"


  • Camille: "That was creepy, in a... "what was that?" sorta way."


  • Milo: "Okay, it's official. We are lost."


  • Milo: "Does the word "never" mean nothing to you two?!"


  • A few scenes from this episode appear in the opening.
  • This is one of the episodes where Alfred's voice sounds raspy.
  • Milo thought it was both Christmas and Halloween in this episode.
  • The Radley's house first appears in this episode.


  • The "splinter" Milo claimed he had vanishes the second he falls back.
  • As Rudy held an unconscious Milo, he was facing front-wise. But a second later, his head is turned to the side.
  • Notice that Milo almost got yelled at after he had to force himself to quiet down after being smacked in the face. However, the blame should have been put onto Camille for being the one to release the branch.
  • During the scene with the trio lost in the woods, Camille's boots look like a pair of tennis shoes.
  • When Camille claims her mother will worry, notice her hands are down by her hips. A second later she has them crossed and wasn't shown moving them.
  • Polly lacks her muzzle colouring as she runs by Alfred and co.
  • When Alfred says the house needs a lot of yard work, notice the glow vanish after a second. Even though he turned his head, it should still have been visible.