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Alfred Hedgehog is the main protagonist of The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog. Along with his best friends

Camille and Milo, they work as an investigation team of Gnarly Woods.

An intelligent young hedgehog boy with a very sharp wit, Alfred is unbiased and compassionate to all living things. While he shows many interests, anything related to mysteries is his favourite.

Alfred Hedgehog is voiced by Carolina Bartczak.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alfred is a 10 year old (possibly African Pygmy or brown-breasted) hedgehog standing at 160-170 centimetres tall. His skin/fur is brown with lighter brown coloring around his mouth. His nose is black, and like the others in his family, he has bright olive-drab green eyes and a cattish mouth. Alfred's hair/quills is very spiked and dark brown.

He wears a long sleeved white shirt under a blue T-shirt with dark blue sleeves. He also wears beige bermudas and blue and white tennis shoes.

For bed Alfred wears a a blue long sleeved shirt and matching pajama pants.

During winter, Alfred wears a yellow scarf and a shirt that is the same blue on his normal shirts sleeves with sleeves a teal-dark blue color. His gloves are blue with a single light blue stripe around each one, light blue jeans with pockets on the front, and black socks with his normal blue and white shoes.

Alfred also owns an orange jacket with olive green lining, buttons, and inside coloring.


Alfred is very smart, perceptive, and agile for his age. Because of his skills and his calm, trusting nature, everyone seems to like him and trust him enough to run to him before even contacting authority figures. He is very friendly, no matter who he may be helping and he will do whatever he can to fix the situation at hand. He is also a great friend, always helping to keep Milo calmed down and also keeping Camille in line.

Alfred is never quick to judgement or to be frightened or angry, and he is also very modest and never shows-off. But every now and then he can get a little cheeky or tease others, but only if they deserve it due to (usually) rude behavior. He uses his quick wit, ideas, and just a little bit of Internet research to get the job done with a realistic mindset.

However, his main interests also makes him the type to only believe in logical things. He enjoys science and refuses to believe in things like ghosts or Bigfoot as a result. He takes his scienctific study seriously, or as Camille explains, "pedantic". He owns many pieces of science equipment, as shown in the Hedgequarters. Ranging from burners, microscopes, and other objects to normally provide use in a case. But besides science and mystery solving, Alfred seems to have a major interest in sports too.

Oddly enough, Alfred shows tendencies of being quite a heavy sleeper now and then. This could be because he isn't used to waking up early on days where this isn't any school, or because he goes to bed late.


  • Ms. Hedgehog - Alfred's mother is a home-maker who loves to garden or help with events in her spare time. Alfred seems to take after her more-so then his father.
  • Mr. Hedgehog: A bee keeper who adores his family. Alfred sometimes sees his dad as someone he can't understand and compares him to an Alien.
  • Lily Hedgehog: Alfred's little sister and "part-time" detective/team member who idolizes her older brother.
  • Granny Hedgehog: Only appears in an old photo.
  • Grandfather: A mysterious figure Alfred has mentioned a few times. May have been the inspiration of Alfred becoming a detective.



Alfred with his little sister

  • Lilly - Alfred is very close to his little sister to a very protective level. The very moment he hears something is wrong he'll rush to her aid without second thought. Even if it means trying to open a locked door by throwing himself against it. However, he tries to be honest with her sometimes which ends with criticism from someone else.
  • Camille - One of Alfred's best friends and the middle man of her arguments with Milo. He is often forced to keep her in line when she wants to quickly solve mysteries or gets angry, which sometimes earns him an earful from her in response. Despite this, he still considers her a valuable member of their group and a close friend who he shares some interest with.
  • Milo - Alfred's other best friend, Milo and Alfred often spend time together in and out of mysteries. While he doesn't believe in everything Milo does, he is never one to mock him about them. He tries his best to calm Milo down when he's frightened.
  • Cynthia - Despite how annoying she can be to them, Alfred doesn't seem to hold a grudge against her in comparison to Milo and Camille. He will defend her when the others make accusations, but he does this with everyone. Very rarely Alfred may act smugly or cheeky when proving her wrong, but only because she provoked it.
  • Ricardo - Being a boy, Alfred doesn't seem to be that impressed by the snowshoe hare compared to the girls. He does seem to enjoy the performances he holds however. He is also the only person to be given an "on-screen" autograph from Ricardo too.


  • "It's time for a clue review!"
  • "This is serious mysterious!"
  • "Let's go to the Hedgequarters for a clue review!"


  • Alfred claims to know the expert style of "Hedgehog Kung-fu" martial arts in the episode "A flash of Silver".
  • Alfred and his family are one of the few species in the series to have cat-like facial structure, a line connecting the lip to the nose.
  • Despite hedgehogs having sharp quills for protection, Alfred's hair is not sharp at all. In one episode he was hit on the head with a ball, but instead of it popping, it hurt him.
  • It's possible that Alfred's name was based on "Alfred Hitchcock".
  • Alfred Hedgehog is left-handed. (Uncorfirmed, verification needed)
  • Alfred seems to know sign language, as shown in Casting Call.
  • Carolina Bartzcak once said this regarding her role as Alfred: "Doing Alfred was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have. It's so much fun to spend your day playing around with voices, and there isn't that much stress when compared to doing an actual tv show or film where people are waiting for you to get it right."


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