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What happened to Razzy?

"A Three Star Mystery" is episode 2 of episode 10. It first aired on Feb 2nd, 2010.


Famous reviewer Razzy will be visiting Gnarly Woods to give it a rating, but after being sprayed by water, he unhappily threatens a low rating unless Alfred can uncover the cause!


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Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Mr. Thomas tells his students about their upcoming visit by Razzy and suggests they make sure the school is presentable. He continues on until Milo spots Razzy, and they quickly greet him. Mr. Thomas explains to him of the tour they were preparing for him, but he seems more interested in exploring on his own with his video camera. Meanwhile, Cynthia is given an autograph after she and her cousins cheer for him.

After some time, Razzy returns in a foul mood and covered in water. He was sprayed by water and refuses to stay where he feels unwelcome, which makes everyone worry about the rating he plans on giving Gnarly Woods. Alfred asks him where he had been attacked, to which Razzy explains that it was some distance away. Mr. Thomas assures him that nobody there is likely to do this, so Alfred convinces him to stay there if he can solve the mystery. Razzy agrees and he, Milo, and Camille head to the crime scene.

There they find multiple water puddles and Alfred takes a sample of it from Milo's shirt, which occurred earlier when the video camera was opened. Camille laments the lack of being able to watch the video for evidence when Milo gets an idea. He leads them back to the Hedgequarters and manages to fix the camera, making it watchable. They watch as Razzy begins with a great review for Gnarly Woods, just before the water sprays him. Alfred remarks that he hears 'grumbling' and they listen for a moment before deciding to let Mr. Thomas know.

As this is going on, Mr. Thomas has lent Razzy a new suit to wear until his clothing dries. Alfred explains the noise they heard when suddenly, Polly runs over frantic, explaining how she was in the middle of making a Lemon Pie when someone ruined it by spraying it with water. Razzy, seeing this as offensive, decides to leave and Alfred asks Polly to take her to the location. They come back to the same spot as previous and Milo picks at the pies remains. They notice it's soaked in cold water and determine it must be their next clue.

Back at the Hedgequarters, Alfred reveals that the white foamy water is calcium, while Milo compares the burst of water to that of a big squirt gun. Alfred looks up the information and determines what it is and they rush back to school, where they find Razzy unwilling to come outside. He only agrees after Alfred promises to have determined the issue. They bring Razzy back to the same spot and water gushes from the ground after a couple of minutes. Razzy gets soaked again, but he's in a much better mood this time and Alfred reveals that it was a cold water geyser spraying him, not someone playing a mean prank. The rumbling had been coming from the pressure against the surface and using the video and some information, Alfred determined when the next one would be coming. He demonstrates when in a matter of seconds another two shoot out.

Milo gives Razzy the now modified camera, and Razzy decides to resume filming after he can change back into his clothing. He has decided that instead of three stars, he plans on giving Gnarly Woods four stars.


  • Razzy: "A lemon pie you say? Razzy loves Lemon Pie."


  • Razzy: "What is Razzy waiting for?"
  • Alfred: "Uh... I wouldn't stand there..."
  • Razzy: "Razzy stands where he wants to stand, hmm..."


  • Milo: "The suspense is killing me!"
  • Camille: "He just left..."
  • Milo: "I know, but the suspense is still killing me!"


  • Milo: "How long has it been?"
  • Camille: "Three minutes since the last time you asked..."


  • Rudy makes a cameo appearance at the end of the episode when a geyser had sent him shooting into the air, and then letting him drop.
  • Milo calls himself "The Milonator" 3 times.


  • In the group shot after Milo runs back to Mr. Russard and the class, many students aren't visible, but moments later they have been added to the scene, but the cleaning students disappeared. Also, Cynthia's beak is mis-colored.
  • Right after Tina speaks, the paper/bag with the heart on it she was holding vanished in the group shot. Fox Boy's eyes also vanish.
  • At first Cynthia's pompoms are fuchsia, then a moment later they turned orange.
  • Before and after the cheer Cynthia and her cousins do not have their pompoms.
  • Tina was missing from the cheer and every instance after, only to reappear at the very end of the episode when she is seen behind Alfred and Co.
  • Cynthia's hat is purple when Razzy runs back to the school after being sprayed.
  • When Milo says, "I wouldn't underestimate" his eyebrows momentarily flicker.
  • When Mr. Thomas asks what happened, Razzy's hair is sticking up, but at other angles it was slicked down.
  • When Polly first speaks her face was dark grey, not light as it usually is.
  • When Razzy hands Cynthia his autographed photo, it looks like there was more then 1 paper there.
  • As Razzy tells Alfred to hurry, his tie overlaps the collar of his shirt.
  • Even though water spurts out in all directions, only one spot hit Milo's shirt.
  • As Milo's back faces the camera and the side-panel of him appears to say "Ta-da!", the other shot of him on the computer isn't moving at all.
  • As Razzy exits the school, Cynthia and Fox Boy are not visible, but given the angle Cynthia should have been partially visible.
  • The second time he is soaked, Razzy was only partially wet, in comparison to the first time.




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